Catholic Young Adults Richmond We know it's tough to be a
Catholic Young Adult nowadays...

If you’re a Catholic young adult living here in Richmond, you’ve probably looked around the pews on Sunday and asked yourself: “Where are all the young adults my age?” Well lucky for you, we’re alive and kicking! This site is intended to help promote Richmond-area young adult ministries and to invite our fellow 20-somethings to engage the Gospel through a wide variety of service, worship, and social opportunities.

This spring, the Cathedral Catholic Young Adult Ministry celebrated the Mass on the Mountain

A Young Adult Catholic Community
seeking to be more Christ-like

We are a group of Catholic young adults living in Richmond who love God and are eager to learn more about Him by studying His inspired Word, serving others, and participating fully in the Body of Christ. We passionately believe that the young adults of our diocese must be active and visible in our parish communities.

Learn about the Catholic faith at Bible Study

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Whether you’ve gone to church your whole life, or have never stepped foot in one, there’s always something new to learn about the Catholic faith.

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Check out the calendar to see when the next Catholic young adult event is happening near you. We’re constantly adding new stuff to do around Richmond!