CatholicRVA is a Richmond-based initiative jump-started by the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Young Adult Ministry to promote fellowship, service, and spiritual enrichment opportunities to Catholic young adults (ages 18-35) in the greater Richmond area. Our vision is to guide our brothers and sisters in Christ to the appropriate young adult ministries to encourage them to learn more about the Catholic faith, build relationships with each other, and serve the community out of reverence and gratitude towards God.

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As young adults ourselves, we understand how confusing post-college life can be, especially if you’re new to Richmond or can’t find people your age at church.  It’s no secret that young adults tend to be a rarer species at Mass these days — or perhaps it’s just harder to find us!  That’s where we hope CatholicRVA can help.

There are tons of groups, events, and volunteering opportunities (on the parish, regional, and Diocesan level) available for young adults to actively engage their church communities.  Up until now we’ve relied very heavily on parish-specific facebook groups to “rally the troops” so to speak.  As expected this has gotten somewhat confusing, so we thought it might be practical to consolidate all of these opportunities in one place.  Hence —!

How is CatholicRVA going to work?

Young Adult Ministry at Bear Creek Lake for the retreat "Faith Over Fear"Now all this sounds dandy so far right? But in order for it to really work — that is, if we’re going to make this site a vibrant and up-to-date resource for young adult Catholics all over the Richmond area, we will need YOUR help!  If your parish is hosting an event or establishing a group specifically for young adults, we’d love to hear from you. We also need to create some ground-swell among the people, so share this site on facebook, or email it to your friends.

Grace and peace,

The Cathedral Young Adult Ministry